payment must be made preferably within 3 business days after purchase. Please do not send any notice of payment by mail or by fax, your shipment will be placed upon receipt of the same. On request we issue an invoice on all items inserzionati.


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PayPal or credit card

immediate reception time, Then both the seller and the buyer will receive by mail a payment confirmation from Paypal. (no cost to the customer)

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1. What is PayPal? < br/> PayPal is a service that allows you to pay for your purchases via the Internet. Benefits for buyers are the total payments that can be sent quickly, with a single click and for free!

l. 2. How can I pay with PayPal?

the procedure is really simple. After placing your order you will be directed to the PayPal secure server where you can enter your credit card data and personal information. In this way you will become a registered user of paypal and receive instant notification of the payment. Your personal information will remain protected and sellTAM will receive an email confirmation from PayPal payment.

3. PayPal

is also available in Italy? < br/> also buyers and sellers Italians may use PayPal, with interface completely


4. Can I use my credit card with Paypal? < br/> Certainly, rechargeable credit cards such as the Postepay issued by Poste Italiane are currently accepted by Paypal's secure server


Wants more information on the safety and use of paypal in this regard < br/> can be found at the addresses listed below that provide more details on Paypal.

  • < a title = "PayPal for buyers" href = " cmd = p/auc/new_ebay_buyer_intro-outside" target = "_blank" > Paypal: The safe solution for pay online
  • < to title = "PayPal Security" href = " * purchase" target = "_blank" > Paypal:

safety tips

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